About the Yellow Turban Tribune

We are facing a period in America where drastic change is needed.  Wealth inequality is out of control, corporations wield supreme power, and our democracy is utterly failing to serve the people.  A rebirth is necessary; a stronger democracy that is more responsive and open to more voices and parties.  We are entering a revolutionary time and inspiration can be taken from the fall of the Han Empire which begun with the Yellow Turban Rebellion, a peasant rebellion, in 184 CE.

Led by the Taoist priest Zhang Jue, also translated as Zhang Jiao, he declared “the blue sky has fallen; the yellow sky is rising.”  In his time, the color blue represented the Han dynasty of China, in ours it is the Democratic Party.  Just as the Han had become hopelessly corrupt and left the masses impoverished and suffering, the same can be said of the Democratic Party today.  The blue sky is falling and another period will begin.

Politically, this site is to the left of the Democratic Party and can be seen as being in tune with the #demexit movement.  We represent the proletariat as the Yellow Turbans represented the peasants of China.