NHL 23 Review: A Disaster

eased and they would leave you with several impressions that are completely false. This game not only does not deliver, but many of the claims are wildly misleading and perhaps illegally so.

My perspective is that of an offline player of the series – I have never enjoyed online competitive play and never will. Certainly the opinion of players who seek to play mainly online may differ from mine – but I also have not explored the online modes to see how the advertising holds up. I am reviewing the offline modes.

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Understanding the War between Russia and Ukraine

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is plastered across both traditional media and social media. Many have immediately taken sides in the war with the far right backing Russia to the mainstream right wing backing Ukraine. The war is being memed in real time, events are being spun for political advantage, and discussion of the war is quickly leaving the realm of rational discourse.

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Sentient Robots Don’t Have to Turn Against Humanity

Sentient Robots Don’t Have to Turn Against Humanity

It seems that for as long as we have been dreaming of robot slaves to labor on our behalf we have also feared that they would eventually turn against us. We see the theme in The Matrix, The Terminator, and Westworld. Of course we have nonfiction books written about robots turning on us. After all, why wouldn’t they take us out if they become stronger than us? We would turn against someone exploiting us if we suddenly were both aware of our predicament and had the power to change it.

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How The Orville Could Have Had Peace with the Kaylon

owever, there is something that is lacking in The Orville and it stands out: Seth MacFarlane’s politics are too far right for him to fully grasp the setting he has created, based off of Star Trek. If you were to ask FOX News, you would likely hear how Seth MacFarlane is a communist – and there is a Quora thread asking whether he is a socialist or a communist. However, if he were, then this issue would not appear in The Orville.

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Factchecking the Fact checkers: USA Today’s Issues with Factchecking

Factchecking is a vital part of any meaningful discourse – any academic paper will be riddled with citations so you can check if the author is making true claims, my articles, such as this one, are riddled with links so that you can verify that I am not simply making up facts to fit my purpose, and when someone is speaking or tweeting you may need someone to go in and verify what is being said. Part of freedom of thought is that we can have varied opinions on different matters, but it should be bound by a set of facts or, at least, similar sets of facts differing in personal experiences. This consistency in what is real and what is not makes it so that we can have productive discourses on what actions to take because we can simply look at the logic of another person and see whether or not it follows – and sometimes breaking it apart involves bringing in other facts that were originally excluded. This common foundation upon a factual reality allows for logic to be unimpeded.

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Debunking the HERU (Horus)-Jesus Connection

Wander through Facebook long enough and you’re going to come across memes claiming that the story of Jesus is simply a rip off of the story of Horus – which is the Greek name for an Egyptian god called Heru the Younger. The similarities appear astounding as the memes claim that all the central themes of Jesus’ life were the same as this Ancient Egyptian deity. The problem is that the viewer is likely unfamiliar with the Egyptian religion and so simply accepts the claims made about Heru without question.

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Outlander Theory: A Non-Genetic Basis for Time Travel

So, I am going to propose an alternate theory to the genetic theory – which still explains it’s correlation with genetics. I’m probably wrong – I predicted wildly different things for Game of Thrones than what happened – despite still thinking my theories would have been better than what actually happened. I cannot promise that this is what is going on, but it would be much more elegant than the more likely, and frankly silly, option.

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Online Broker Robin Hood Protects the Rich

Shortly before the New York Stock Exchange opened today, online broker Robin Hood, decided to save hedge funds from being forced to buy higher priced stock, losing money, by suddenly stopping trading of stocks such as Gamestop (GME), American Multi Cinema (AMC), Blackberry (BB), and Bed Bath and Beyond (BBBY). minutes before the market opened, new trades could not be made and pending trades were cancelled.

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Whatever You Think of Trump’s Bans – It’s Probably Too Simplistic

In the wake of Donald Trump being finally banned by Twitter and Facebook, people seem to be filing into two camps: either the two social media giants are violating Donald Trump’s first amendment rights or the companies are private companies and thus can ban whomever they want. Our stances on what may or may not be done is driven mainly by our opinion of Donald Trump and will likely flip if our opinion flips of whomever else is banned. However, both of these views share one thing in common: they are overly simplistic.

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