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NHL 23 Review: A Disaster

eased and they would leave you with several impressions that are completely false. This game not only does not deliver, but many of the claims are wildly misleading and perhaps illegally so.

My perspective is that of an offline player of the series – I have never enjoyed online competitive play and never will. Certainly the opinion of players who seek to play mainly online may differ from mine – but I also have not explored the online modes to see how the advertising holds up. I am reviewing the offline modes.

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How The Orville Could Have Had Peace with the Kaylon

owever, there is something that is lacking in The Orville and it stands out: Seth MacFarlane’s politics are too far right for him to fully grasp the setting he has created, based off of Star Trek. If you were to ask FOX News, you would likely hear how Seth MacFarlane is a communist – and there is a Quora thread asking whether he is a socialist or a communist. However, if he were, then this issue would not appear in The Orville.

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Former CIA Director John Brennan Seems to Confirm DAESH Rumors

On Black Friday, former CIA director under the Obama Administration and early on in the Trump Administration, John Brennan expressed his disgust with the extralegal murder of Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, a top nuclear scientist for Iran across three tweets on Twitter. The attack is believed to have been orchestrated by Israel and suspected to have been given a green light by

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