Indications Neon Nettle is a Neo-Nazi Site

Update 2/23/2018: The original text of the article is unaltered from its original state.  However, new information is added as a postscript to the article resulting from threatened legal action by Neon Nettle upon me. 

In recent weeks, I’ve stumbled upon a fake news site that is fairly new and certainly was new to me: Neon Nettle.  By then, Snopes had already identified it as a right wing fake news site and debunked several of their articles.  A friend, a Berniecrat, had shared one of their stories, notably from November 8, 2017, about James King who had raped babies and was just found dead in his cell with his penis cut off.  Despite no indication of it, the article has been heavily edited since it was originally published – originally mentioning a name change for King and not mentioning a date.  Looking at the site, it was full of red flags of fake news: a jarring story rife with emotion and just so happens to have that happy ending, a stock photo for the main photo when the story covered a specific person and event, no location, a vague backstory, and a decidedly nonprofessional tone trying to rile up emotion.  I declared it such at once.

Now, I had suspected James King was completely made up rather than being a real person, but he wasn’t.  There is a real James King, originally Robin Hollyson, and he indeed was convicted of raping a 3 month old baby and being part of a group of child rapists who had quite a run.  King only had a 24 month sentence.  He also died in November 2016 – the Neon Nettle article was from one year later and states guards were called to his cell on January 21.  There were two suicide notes found in his cell but they were discounted because his cell mate was later found covered in blood and wearing his watch, the authorities concluding that he was murdered.  A man committing suicide by cutting off his penis would be quite questionable – trans women have been known to do that at times feeling they just have to get rid of it, but men don’t tend to do that.  However, there is no indication that his penis was severed in the event, that’s just a juicy detail invented by Neon Nettle.

Now, I didn’t think I would be running into this site a lot in the circles I flow in – I run into several people I am not bound to get along with such as neoliberals or various Green Party members who represent a notable fringe of activists for anti-vaccination, anti-GMO, militant vegan, and similar things.  It was in a debate about vaccination that I saw someone – who claimed to be apolitical despite this being in a Jill Stein meme group – share two links from Neon Nettle supporting the anti-vaccination movement.

The first was claiming that unvaccinated children were healthier than vaccinated children.  Of course, the exact opposite is well established.  The story begins by talking about a story from Sarah Carrasco, whom the article references as just one of many parents but fails to mention that this appears to be the same Sarah Carrasco who writes for an anti-vaccination website.  The site mentions her child, presumably this same child who is described as having an adverse reaction to this vaccine, is autistic.  Of course, there is no link between autism and vaccines, as the Centers for Disease Control confirms; rather a single doctor, Andrew Wakefield, was paid by a law firm to publish a study suggesting vaccination caused autism for a case they had and he took the bribe and faked the results.  The response to discovering this was that the British Journal of Medicine retracted the article and Wakefield was stripped of his medical license.

The article implies a paper was published by Frontiers in Public Health entitled “Unvaccinated Children have Less Chronic Disease and a Lower Risk of Autism than Vaccinated Children.”  However, a Google search seems to point only to Info Wars and a bunch of anti-vaccination websites; a search within the Frontiers in Public Health website doesn’t pull up any such paper.  Supposedly this paper showed just what the title states and was “recent” as of June 2016, yet there is no trace of this paper anywhere.  Interestingly, while numbers appear in the previews of the articles describing how many people were studied regularly, even searching for the number “660” (the Neon Nettle article claimed 660 children were involved in the study) showed no results.

It’s amazing that the mainstream media, noted for hyping the hell out of the debunked and fraudulent autism study even after it was shown that no one could replicate the results, hungry for whatever would get them ratings, hasn’t mentioned this phantom study at all if it existed.

But, despite giving the impression that the paper was published and accepted by the community, the author of this piece placed at the very end of the article, without emphasis, that it was posted online with an abstract but then was pulled without explanation.  Whether or not this is true we may never know.

Hell, one of the people they cite for the statement on whether or not it is rational to think vaccination causes autism does not just happen to be “a successful entrepreneur” and a “Stanford graduate,” but they attempt to qualify him as an expert on vaccination by these unrelated things.  In fact, according to his official biography, he appears to have been an investment banker who majored in East Asian Studies & Economics.  While this by no means disqualifies him, it is far from something that qualifies him as an expert.

The second was suggesting a Harvard study proved unvaccinated children don’t pose a risk to public health.  While I do not consider Harvard a reputable institution since they revoked their fellowship offer to Chelsea Manning, to claim a Harvard study flew in the face of all current research in the field is still laughable.  First, their tagline states this was proven in an open letter while the title states it was in a study, implying a peer reviewed paper, which is our first red flag.  Another issue may come up that supposedly this woman cited a website called  Yet, Tetyana Obukhanych is a real woman who claims to be an immunologist and is touted by anti-vaccination sites for her anti-vaccination proclamations.  She has no mainstream recognition, so I cannot find much of anything outside of anti-vaccination sites even mentioning her, but we have Harriet Hall, -a medical doctor but not an immunologist – at least debunking Ms Obukhanych down to the definition of immunology.

The letter was posted to an Australian government website on April 17, 2015, the article is once again from around the same time in a completely different year: May 1, 2017.  There is no indication of any connection to Harvard with this letter.

A Nazi Background

It has become clear that this fake news site is going to be something I see more and more often – just like what happened with fake news sites like Bipartisan Report, a hyperpartisan Democratic establishment site named to give the false impression that it had no political bias.  Often fake news sites take seeds of truth from reality and distort things to give a false impression that is completely unfounded – that is what we see with Bipartisan Report and Neon Nettle alike.  However, they vary strongly on their bias, and while we have firmly established Neon Nettle as a fake news site – and it would take a book to specifically debunk each of the articles I’m about to bring up – we are going to shift our focus from how what they publish is fake to what they are trying to get from publishing.

However, I do want to digress to talk about their name, represented with two N’s, and why I think it is encoded with their bias.  First, there are general trends with the names of publications.  Traditionally, we see names with a location and then something suggesting news: News, Free Press, Times, Post, or even Tribune for a for-the-people flavor.  Then we see sites with clearly partisan names like The Socialist, Occupy Democrats, ShareBlue, Conservative Tribune, etc.  I do feel the first in the list is valid, though hyperpartisan, while the others are fake news sites, but I am illustrating partisan names here.  You get some that try to sound neutral like Bipartisan Report.  You, of course, have your ones trying to sound hip like Upworthy or Buzzfeed.  What they all have in common, though, is you get the idea that these are news sites in some way.

Neon Nettle is a name that is out of place.  Neither neon nor nettle have anything to do with news or politics, they seem random.  Yet, if you are looking for a meaning, neon does make you feel like neo and nettle at least starts with an N.  By no means is it certain, but I speculate that given the bias I have yet to show, it is a code to tell Neo-Nazis that it is a friendly site.  It uses red and black for colors – popular amongst Nazis and anarchists, polar opposites on the ideological scale.

To put this in context, I’m going to illustrate a much wilder assertion that I think is false: the N’s are there because they can be stretched out and made into a swastika.  If the N’s were angled perpendicularly so each was diagonal but up in their logo it might make sense, but it would be much more effective to call it Neon Zoo or Neon Ziggurat as the Z wouldn’t have to be turned to form the swastika.  This is highly unlikely, though perhaps I will inspire a logo change – the point is that I am not throwing out the wildest idea I can come up with and stating it is true, I am making an earnest supposition about what their name is indicating which may or may not be correct.

Finding out who is behind Neon Nettle is not exactly an easy task.  The domain is registered to Contact Privacy Inc. Customer 0135346377 according to a WHOIS search.  According to their contact page, they belong to One Fox Digital Inc, with two officers: Stephen Anthony McQueen and Paul David Roughsedge, both British citizens, operating out of Britain, and born in 1979.  Neither is Steve McQueen the actor.  I don’t see anything about them as people so I cannot say they are or are not part of the Neo-Nazi movement based on this.

Their editor is Jack Murphy, who likely is the Jack Murphy who wrote an article about the threat of anti-fascists for a site called SOFREP.  The pseudo-acronym stands for Special Operations Forces Report.  I inquired to his email address listed on the site whether he was one and the same, only to get an automatically generated message to contact their general address.  I then contacted that address to get no response from that address in days.

The group that is constantly worried about anti-fascists is, of course, fascists.  They are also joining the military as part of an infiltration strategy, as described by the Huffington Post, and we cannot forget the unfortunate picture of US soldiers posed with both the American and Nazi SS flag from 2010.  With Jack Murphy we start to see the connection.

However, nothing thusfar has been conclusive – I may have stumbled upon a different Jack Murphy and am conflating the two.  Jack Murphy may be far right wing but not quite a member of the alt right.  But other information will clarify the Neo Nazi leanings.

A Nazi Bias

At first look, Neon Nettle may seem a grab bag of conspiracy theories put to fake news, but these conspiracies fall into certain themes that reflect a Nazi mentality.  One of those themes is a recurring theme of pedophilia in their articles, a term which they use for child molestation/rape and for victims up to the age of 17.  Pedophilia is specifically primary sexual attraction to prepubescent children – most pedophiles do not end up harming children and most who do harm children sexually aren’t actually pedophiles.  Rape is about power, not sex, so we shouldn’t be surprised that most sexual abuse by children isn’t by people actually sexually attracted to them.  However, Neon Nettle does not make this or any distinction.

The abuse of children, especially sexual abuse, is something that is immensely disturbing to most human beings, across the political spectrum, and even amongst pedophiles themselves.  After all, being sexually abused as a child elevates the risk that the victim will grow up to become pedophilic, hebophilic, or ephebophilic themselves and so many of these pedophiles know the horror because they were the victim of it.  The visceral response we have to this abuse is ideal for exploiting it in a specific way – turning off logical faculties and turning on purely emotional ones as if you are protecting your own child when you even process the information.  I have seen people of all political persuasions call for nonoffending pedophiles, who may have been victims themselves, to be put to death for even having the urge.

Naziism is part of the Counter-Enlightenment, which is a movement against the liberal values – not to be confused with what Democrats believe – such as rationality, democracy, and individual freedom.  The Counter-Enlightenment encompasses a variety of ideologies including Nazism, fascism, and monarchism and values tradition, nationalism, irrationalism, and hierarchy.  It often lives off of myths of what the past was like and seeks to recreate it, making it reactionary.  Conservativism often allies with the Counter-Enlightenment but is not part of it – conservativism is based upon the idea of a social fabric which must be maintained and too rapid of change can tear it sending society tumbling – it is resistant to change but it does not seek to recreate the past.  In the United States, many people who call themselves conservatives are not – they are reactionary – but they can be found amongst Democrats and Republicans alike and, notably, Hillary Clinton showed herself to be a conservative when she stated that Wikileaks was tearing the fabric of government – that is a very conservative outlook.

Pulling up such an emotional and visceral subject and keeping it on people’s minds is an excellent way of making people irrational and more apt to irrationalism and opposing such a thing as a fair trial and weighing of evidence.  We saw it nationally when stories of Pizzagate broke out, allegedly with Democrats molesting children in the basement of a DC area pizzaria that turned out to not have a basement.  Neon Nettle takes advantage of this with a large plethora of articles with pedophile right in the title.  We have that Jehovah’s Witnesses are covering up a pedophile ring, a Hollywood pedophile ring, Mel Gibson commenting on Hollywood pedophiles, an Army medic raped and killed a baby, Corey Feldman saying Hollywood is controlled by demonic pedophiles and he was blacklisted for exposing them.  This covers a period from November 17 to November 20, four days and I pointed out six articles about pedophilia.

We also see a lot of coded language for Jewish people: Hollywood and Rothschild.  There is much talk about how the Counter-Enlightenment uses coded language to refer to other things – and probably how they thought up Pizzagate – that would immediately cause people to ignore them otherwise.  A prime example is rebranding themselves the Alt-Right, which basically means Nazi and Nazi-like groups.

Hollywood is a reference to the belief that Jews own the media – when they reference Hollywood they mean Jewish people.  Rothschild is a reference to a prolific Jewish banking family that started in the 18th century and is now pretty much divested of wealth through the flow of time.  The Rothschilds are something you see a lot of reference to, though by a minority of the members, in soft left groups like the Greens, so they are not a Counter-Enlightenment specific problem though prominent in the work of Alex Jones.  Myself and many others instinctively call it out as Anti-Semitism the moment we see the name pop up, it is coded words for Jews, as in Jews run the banks.  There was a truth to that at one point in Europe because Catholics were barred by the Church from charging interest, but Jews – kept out of many other trades – were not.  However, as we see it come up again and again here, it is purely an attempt to spread Anti-Semitism.  Ultimately, it paints a picture of Jewish people controlling the world and non-Jewish people needing to take them down as the underdogs – an idea that goes back at least as far as the fraudulent Protocols of the Elders of Zion, used by Tsarist Russia to make people distrust Jewish communists and anarchists.

It should be needless to say that Jews were a primary target of Nazi Germany, with six million of the twelve million Holocaust victims being Jewish and being the first “race” planned for extermination.

Previously, four of the six articles mentioned referenced Hollywood in regards to pedophilia.  However, they are not alone in the archives of Neon Nettle.  We start with a fairly benign reference to a plane crash over a Rothschild Estate in Britain – the last vestige of the former banking wealth.  Another reference appears a few days earlier.  Emmanuel Macron, who defeated an Alt Right opponent in France is referred to as being a “Rothschild Golden Boy.”  Right wing Turkey rejects the Rothschilds, supposedly keeping them from controlling the country.  Most of it, however, was connecting Hollywood and pedophilia or rape.

Jehovah’s Witnesses make two appearances and both in recent past, mostly revolving around pedophilia claims.  Among the groups that the Nazis found genetically inferior – and to them, having certain beliefs showed that you had bad genes that needed to be eradicated – was the Jehovah’s Witnesses.  It is hard to say for sure that they were targeted on the site due to this fact or if they are just a random group chosen to attach to pedophilia claims – even military members have been attached to them.  However, the possibility that they make their appearance due to Nazi ideology is not something that can be discounted altogether either.

The Catholic Church, historically singled out by the Ku Klux Klan as one of its targets and its clergy targeted by Nazi Germany, is also making a repeated appearance.  We have the obligatory pedophila invocations such as a claim to an exact amount the Vatican has spent settling child molestation lawsuits – which ends in 10 cents because exchange rates are static and such a number can apparently be made exact – and a priest telling a child molestation victim she deserved it.  We also have outright claims such as the Catholic Church wants to abolish Christmas and replace it with a holiday friendly to all religions, that the Pope has called climate change deniers perverts and supports a plan to depopulate the planet, the Pope is warning of an impending nuclear war and not a general threat, and the Pope calling for priests to get married immediately despite that being against Church law.

Of course we get articles about liberals calling for depopulation, vaccines are being used to depopulate the planet, Emmanuel Macron wants to depopulate Africa, Bill Gates wants to depopulate Africa, Prince William wants to depopulate the world, secret societies want to depopulate the world, Ebola is being used to depopulate Texas!  Everyone is trying to depopulate the world!  We get a lot of groups that they want to rile you up against and make you irrational, thinking these groups are trying to commit a massive genocide all the time, but never the Nazis.

Then we get the accusations that illegal aliens are raping children to stay in the United States, Jay-Z has embraced Satan, an Arabic man raped a horse at a German zoo in front of children, a black man rapes children to give them AIDS.  Certainly racial minorities aren’t getting a pass here – plenty to feed the racism want to cultivate.

We get the fake victim stories, where the oppressor must make up stories in which they are victimized to garner sympathy.  Supposedly there is an adoption agency that refuses to allow Christian parents to adopt, a 7th grade student punished for wearing an anti-CNN shirt, an anti-science family who pushed holistic medicine were murdered, the FBI is calling you racist if  you don’t accept terrorism (despite most terrorism in the US being perpetrated by white supremacy groups), and a couple who can disprove the official story about the Las Vegas shooting have been killed in a car bomb.

And that brings us into the false flags – where they claim that several mass shootings and similar events were staged or the truth hidden.  False flag attacks aren’t myth, famously Adolf Hitler took dictatoral power with the Reichstag fire, where Hitler either burnt down the Reichstag then blamed it on Communists or simply framed them after the fact.  However, we see a massive amount of such claims pouring forth from Neon Nettle in November.  The story about the couple dying in a car bomb comes from the proposition that the Las Vegas shooting was perpetrated by others.

Supposedly the shooting of the First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, Texas apparently never happened, despite there apparently being a second shooter.  We have several articles regarding a second shooter in Las Vegas and I linked only three of them.  Certainly, they suggest the known shooter was set up, but also report that he was a government agent, linked to the Obama Administration, and was part of Antifa.  They of course tie the Sandy Hook shooter to the FBI – the mean organization that busted Neo-Nazi Timothy McVeigh.

Another group marked for death due to their imagined genetic inferiority by the Nazis was the LGBTQIA community.  I did not notice all members of the community being targeted, but trans people were certainly targeted directly and indirectly.  The key to this is in attacking public schools as being trans friendly to the point that they disregard parents’ wishes – which are irrelevant anyway – a phenomenon which exists only in websites like Neon Nettle, unfortunately.  Public schools do not brainwash children, private schools and homeschooling sometimes does – therefore public schools must be made to seem a threat to parents, particularly transphobic parents in this case.

The most recent article covers Delaware secretly transitioning not only a child’s gender expression (the gender is internal and cannot be transitioned despite the site claiming it is being transitioned) but race as well.  A school secretly transitioned a trans boy without notifying the parents, while another school gave “preferential” treatment to children who weren’t taught by their parents to be transphobic bigots.  Another article tries to allege that a trans woman raped a 10 year old in a “transgender” bathroom.  This article rang a bell because it is based off a real event, but it happened in the bathroom of a private residence, not a public bathroom.  The goal is to make trans people using public bathrooms a threat when the facts of the story don’t fit.   The story is grabbed by the religious right and TERFs because after decades of trans women using women’s rooms, this is the closest they have to a trans woman ever doing anything resembling their fears in a woman’s bathroom – despite not being that.

However, the biggest red flag would be the constant attacks on Antifa, an informal group with no formal organization, much like conservatives or liberals or people who oppose pineapple on pizza, who oppose fascism.  Antifa has beaten fascists for ages, across the world, because fascists historically gained power in Germany and Italy by beating their enemies in the street and there was no organized response to counter their violence.  One Antifa success story I have heard took place in Minneapolis in the 1980s where anti-fascists beat an emerging group of Neo-Nazis whenever they saw them and the result was no Neo-Nazi groups existed in the area for 30 years.

Traditionally, those organizing (locally) direct action against fascists have been black bloc anarchists with support from various socialists.  The black bloc have virtues and vices like anyone else and have been known for doing things such as causing property damage and confronting police in otherwise peaceful marches and of course punching Richard Spencer in the face.  They are also very strongly anti-authority and thus are loosely knit with individuals or small groups of individuals often taking actions within a larger group action all on their own.  They were the ones who ran to the rescue of communities being assaulted during Charlottesville including such individuals as Heather Heyer.

You may disagree with their methods – and I’ve certainly written some pieces with measured criticism of their tactics such as opposing punching Nazis for being Nazis in the current political situation and suggesting they have free speech rights but to counterprotest them prepared for them to initiate violence.  However, they specifically organize against fascists, not your local Trump supporter who didn’t know what they were voting for, but outright fascists, Nazis, and white supremacists who terrorize communities with violence.  It is key to remember that the historical result of Nazis gaining power has been outright genocide, an organized extermination of 12 million people who they murdered because they believed they were genetically inferior.  Counter-Enlightenment movements such as these are ideologically opposed to the idea of free speech and liberty, despite trying to use the terms to advance their goals.  The only people that need fear Antifa are fascists.

Certainly, Neon Nettle seeks to make Antifa seem like horrible people.  They try to convince you that they were behind the Sutherland Springs shooting, that the founder of a founderless movement claims they are controlled by George Soros, that the Las Vegas shooting was perpetrated by Antifa (different story than the last), that an Antifa member of color attempted to assassinated their Fuhrer, Donald Trump, and of course they were planning to start a civil war on November 4 to which another black bloc group, Anonymous,  supposedly denounced them.  Apparently they were also going to massacre conservatives in kill zones.

However, perhaps the most aggregious of them was their reporting of a Neo-Nazi false flag event.  A small group of provocateurs had run out in a Antifa action dressed as if they were a part and unrolled a forged banner claiming an alliance between Antifa and NAMBLA, a group known for advocating for sexual relations between grown men and young boys, and having a pro-pedophile message.  According to those in attendance – and I do have some on my Facebook friends list – the members ran out, quickly unrolled it, took a picture, and were promptly run off by actual Antifa activists.  Even Vice reported as much based on the testimony of the photographer.

Now, whether or not any individuals involved in Antifa struggle with pedophilia – and statistically speaking you would expect a handful in any group of that size – the underlying black bloc philosophy would be diametrically opposed to the use of power in that way and they would be opposed to NAMBLA on that measure alone.  Without a formal organization, they would have no means by which to set up such a formal alliance.  Just searching Antifa banners, you can see that you don’t see formal organization names on even professionally created banners with the exception of a handful of opportunist groups like Workers World, a Stalinist group, who like to join such movements in order to recruit and generally turn them into unofficial fronts.

Neon Nettle wishes to create an irrational fear and disgust of their enemies.  Given the list of their enemies, it is clear that they are fascists, Nazis, the Counter-Enlightenment.  Every time you share from this site you are misinforming and spreading hate.  If you see links to their stories, call it out as fake news, call it out as being Nazi propaganda.  Do not share from their site – if you want to prove what they are you can always share this article.

I should also note that while searching their recent news over and over I noticed that stories moved in order and eventually it became clear that they released new articles that they didn’t post with the current date, but rather an earlier date.  I saw articles written November 20 that weren’t there before despite first searching on November 23.  The most recent article at this point says to have been written November 20.

Updated Information 2/23/2018

On February 21, I was emailed by Rahma Saidi of the Saidi Law Corporation regarding the article.

Dear Ms. Tash,

Further to the requests outlined in this notice, a Cease and Desist letter
is attached to this email. Please review this legal correspondence

Your attention to this matter is required and failure to respond or act
accordingly may result in legal action.

Should you have questions about this notice, please contact me at this
email or telephone number provided below.


Rahma Saidi

Per Saidi Law Corporation

Cease and Desist – TASH 2-21-2018

The cease and desist letter is published in the link above.  Within it, it explains that they are representing Neon Nettle, not One Fox Digital Inc or Stephen Anthony McQueen and Paul David Roughsedge.  This is odd given that they only cite libel issues in paragraph 15, which as you can see – sadly the Internet Archive isn’t archiving this site – is about the ownership of Neon Nettle.  Rather than One Fox Digital Inc or Stephen Anthony McQueen and Paul David Roughsedge finding it malicious and untrue to be associated with a site like Neon Nettle, Neon Nettle finds it malicious and untrue to be associated with them.

Oddly, they seem to have no objection to the claims I have made that they publish intentionally false news – essentially meaning the company’s sole purpose is to engage in libel themselves – nor that I suggested that they are a Neo-Nazi site.  They are apparently fine with that and this seems to be an implicit, though not explicit, admission that the premises of this article are completely accurate: they are a Neo-Nazi fake news site.

I responded to Rahma Saidi asking for a listing of any and all statements they are claiming to be false on that same day hours after they sent the cease and desist letter.  I have received no response.  It may not be surprising given that when I published this article on November 26, 2017, about three months prior, I had not heard back from Jack Murphy their editor about my inquiry nor did I hear anything from Neon Nettle in the three months following despite the fact that I had spammed this article on their Facebook page under several of the articles it was promoting and tweeted them the article.

Rather, their first response was to threaten me with frivolous legal action and, assuming I didn’t have legal counsel suggested I forward the letter to them.  However, I do have a friend from my political work who is an attorney and besides confirming for me that the claim is baseless and citing case law to that effect, noticed their only qualm was with the paragraph involving ownership, and suggested I publish the cease and desist letter to strengthen the argument in this article.  If they do follow through with legal action, perhaps I will even get a formal judicial opinion that this site is a Neo-Nazi fake news site.

In my quest to try to find my article hosted on the Internet Archive, I did find some strengthening, indirect, information regarding their usage on the internet.  Searching for the term “Neon Nettle” – the full title of my article showed no results – I came across it being used as a source in the open Neo-Nazi site: The Daily Stormer, not once, but twice right off the bat (links are to not the Daily Stormer site).

My legal counsel, while fact checking my statements, noted that the Neon Nettle contact page does not currently list itself as being owned by One Fox Digital Inc, but did based on the Internet Archive as of August 29, 2017, which, while not archived after the writing of this article, helps show it was true at the time I wrote the article.  He also noted that their terms and conditions page (Archived August 29, 2017) still currently lists One Fox Ltd as the owner.  Likely they removed it in order to threaten me since I mentioned one page and not the other.


Screenshot of Neon Nettle‘s Terms and Conditions page citing Fox One Digital Ltd as their owner still.  In the lower right you can see today’s date.

Now, if I were the attorney, which I am not, since it appears that the likely issue taken is that Stephen Anthony McQueen and Paul David Roughsedge do not want to be associated with Neon Nettle, but are, I would have advised them have Saidi Law Corporation represent them as individuals or One Fox Digital Ltd prior to sending the cease and desist letter so that the grounds they are challenging would not be so damning for Neon Nettle and wouldn’t be so highly suggestive that they are trying to hide their relationship since it makes no sense that Neon Nettle would want to get rid of that association unless they owned the site.

They are not well known individuals.  My guess is that they are planning to start a new site, and I guess this based on something I saw when first researching this article.  A post on Cassiopaea mentions that they had previously owned a similarly named site that ran from June 2015 until July 2016 called Neon Noise.  We may very well see another similiarly named website or perhaps they will get a bit more diverse in their naming than Neon N____.  But then, perhaps that is just a sign that my intuition on why they are named Neon Nettle was, in fact, correct.

Featured Image via Neon Nettle’s twitter account.  Fair Use.

This work is unpaid because this is not a for-profit site.  If you want to help support this work and more like it in the future, please consider becoming a patron of mine on Patreon on my page.  Funds will not only help me transition to writing full-time but will allow me to purchase professional images for the articles.

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  • Regards Kings sentence you are wromg he got 24 YEARS! Fact!! Our British judicial System is flawed in many ways but he Raped a 3month old baby!! He wouldn’t get 24months &he was found hanged yes but died in jan 2017
    Seems you too like Neo Nettle have written wrongs


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