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Treason at the Capitol: Trump Must Be Removed Now

The day started out as Trumpers, at the urging of the President, gathered in front of the Capitol. Around 1 pm EST, the crowd started bumrushing toward the doors, scaling the walls, etc to get into the Capitol and some succeeded around 90 minutes later. Once this started, the “protest” ceased to be lawful or constitutionally protected as it ceased to have any pretext of being peaceful. Police treated the Trump supporters with relative kid gloves, whereas a left wing protest would have seen random violence from the police much earlier and it was only in June that Donald Trump, himself, ordered peaceful protesters be assaulted with tear gas and rubber bullets so that he could walk across the street to take an inappropriate photo op. Senators and Representatives were rushed out of the chambers to shelter in place in their offices while threats of pipe bombs started to show up. Tear gas filled the Senate side of the lobby, a Trump supporter named Ashli Babbit was shot and later died – we do not yet know for sure whether she was shot by another Trump supporter or Capitol police – Trumpers ransacked the chambers and offices while one man declared Donald Trump to have been reelected and Jake Angeli, AKA “The QAnon Shaman,” rambled through notably wearing a fur headdress with bull’s horns.

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