The American Holocaust Began While You Were Distracted With Russia

Americans are obsessed with Russia – some are certain they “interfered” in our election while others are certain they didn’t.  Are Russians responsible for the leaks of emails showing us that Hillary Clinton and the DNC rigged not only the Democratic primary, but the Republican one as well by manipulating the media to hype the most outrageous Republicans as “pied piper” candidates to give Hillary a cakewalk into the White House?  Well, while you were worried about whether Russians rigged our election by giving us relevant information which we know is completely valid, something horrifying – the largest scandal in American history – happened.

The reporting has been scattered and certainly didn’t make it into any overarching media narrative.  Rather, it has been framed in terms of Donald Trump separating families at the border.  Previously, Barack Obama had incarcerated unattended minors crossing the border, but Trump has begun intentionally separating families and boosted their incarceration rate, even creating new tent cities which have been denounced as concentration camps.  Inside we see some very disconcerting and confusing things.  For one, we have murals of Trump all over child detention centers with quotes misapplied to him and children are forced to say the pledge of allegiance, in English, each morning.  It is astoundingly like what Nazi Germany did to children of non-Jewish immigrants to integrate them into Nazi society in this respect (see concentration camps link).


A mural of Donald Trump with bilingual quotes. Picture via Newsweek – credited to the US government. Also a picture of a two dimensional work. Public domain.

However, this seeming attempt to integrate immigrant children, as presumably Republican Party voters in the long run, is countered by absolutely inhumane treatment.  Allegedly for only three days, children are placed in fence cages where they sleep on cold cement – though recent photos show some light matting kids had to sleep on though it is unsure if this was there for photos or if they have normally thanks to restrictive access rules requiring a 2 week waiting period even for elected officials to visit dating back to late in Obama’s presidency: 2015.  In fact, many of the abusive practices date back to then as well: caging, sleeping on hard floors, outlandish use of physical force such as slamming minors to the ground and restraining them with bags over their heads for refusing to hold a door open, left in cells without clothing, lack of privacy from guards even to use the bathroom, and unequal treatment which included racial harassment and lack of access to amenities made available to juvenile offenders.

Obama and the Democrats were complicit in such dehumanizing treatment as this happened under Obama, created by his appointees and the contractors they hired without any actions to correct abuse.  However, the victims under Obama were unattended minors and it cannot be ignored that Trump has greatly elevated the use of these facilities under the banner of “zero tolerance” for undocumented immigration.

Under Trump, we have the story of a minor taken into custody as a teen after his mother had brought him into the country through extralegal means as an infant, given the pseudonym John Doe 2.  He had behavioral issues including self harm which took him out of foster care and into juvenile detention – but he was not charged with any crime.  He relays stories of being bound while numerous officials stabbed him in the ribs with a pen and manhandled him by grabbing his jaw to direct his attention.  The results of it was bruising which was brushed off by medical officials in the facility.  He and other inmates – one which endured this while naked, for two days straight – was tied to a chair with a bag over his head equipped with breathing holes.

While it is unlikely that the deaths were intentional, the effects of this harsh treatment has led to actual deaths.  A child whose name has not been provided died after being detained in Dilley, Texas this summer.  José Azurdia died in December 2015 under Obama’s watch from neglect.   Conditions are worsening and – while they may seem low – a record has been set in 2017 for the most detainees dying in custody at 12 – doubling in 4 years.

In reference to that immigration, the driving force for this immigration comes from refugees seeking asylum.  Extensive immigration laws are relatively new – the first immigration law in 1790 didn’t restrict anyone from entering the United States but stated only free white people of good moral character could be naturalized into citizens after two years residency.  It wasn’t until 1875 that any restriction on who could come into the United States was enacted: preventing the extremely poor, the sick, criminals, and anarchists.  Quotas were introduced in the 1920s in response to immigrants from southern and eastern Europe perceived to be less white.  In 1965 Latin Americans were limited in their immigration for the first time and further advancements in the 1990s and early 2000s created policing of the border under the guise of terrorism fears.

Historically, the United States has allowed for refugees to enter the country and seek asylum as an exception to the rules, especially since World War 2 whereas the United States turned away so many Jewish refugees who later perished in Nazi Germany’s Holocaust.  In addition, they cannot apply for this status until they enter the United States.  Currently, there is great turmoil in Central America – a turmoil accelerated by America’s foreign policies.  As a result, even while overall migration currently involves a net migration of people to Mexico from the United States, there is still a significant number of people seeking that asylum in the United States.  However, Trump has taken unprecedented steps in considering these refugees criminals instead of immigrants to be vetted for whether their stories are true and whether they are safe to admit into the country.

Of course, the story doesn’t end there.  Trump has also been stripping citizenship from naturalized citizens and even natural born US citizens in birtherism gone mad.  Trump had once insisted that Barack Obama’s birth certificate was fake, been the figurehead of the movement, and though he has since recanted on Obama’s birth certificate, various Latinx/Hispanic lifelong citizens are having their birth certificates challenged by increasing standards (for example, doubting home births) that essentially amounts to violation of the ex post facto clause of the US Constitution by establishing higher standards after the fact which leaves the affected unable to remedy the problem.

How Exactly is this a Holocaust?

Some Americans are quick to dismiss that we are seeing a Holocaust.  They think that simply because we do not now see millions of people being forced into concentration camps and murdered that it is preposterous to think that it amounts to a Holocaust.  However, the horrors of Auschwitz are not created overnight.  The internment under the Nazis began on March 22, 1933 with the establishment of the Dachau Camp to intern political opponents such as socialists, anarchists, and other anti-fascists.  It is as if Trump had a special Antifa prison.  For comparison, it wasn’t until April of that year that Jews were banned from public schools.  It was September 15, 1934 – 18 months later – that the Nuremburg Race Laws were passed segregating society.  October 4, 1938 – five and a half years later – saw the revocation of Jewish passports.  November 15, 1940 saw the sealing of the Warsaw Ghetto.    September 1, 1941 – more than eight years later – saw the establishment of the iconic yellow stars of David worn by Jews to demarcate them from others.  October 15, 1941 marked the internment of Jewish people into concentration camps.  Finally, on December 8, 1941 – almost nine years later the actual mass murder of Jewish people began at Chelmno in occupied Poland.

People do not start committing that level of genocide immediately – they would refuse.  You cannot get people to start outright murdering without substantial conditioning first.  Hitler, having been given dictatorial powers in August 1934, didn’t use them to commit that level of atrocity until seven years later.  He had the SA until two months prior – when he killed them in the Night of the Long Knives – and still had the SS who declared personal loyalty to him by oath – something Trump expects of those who work for him – but knew he couldn’t make people do that yet.  The SA would have likely been willing, but they were still few before the purge.

I swear to God this sacred oath
that to the Leader of the German Empire and people,
Adolf Hitler, supreme commander of the armed forces,
I shall render unconditional obedience and that as a brave soldier I shall at all times be prepared to give my life for this oath. – Wiermacht Oath, 1934

I swear: I will be faithful and obedient to the leader of the German Empire and people,
Adolf Hitler, to observe the law,
and to conscientiously fulfill my official duties, so help me God. – Oath for civil servants

The perpetrators of the crimes must be eased into the mindset of being capable of perpetrating them, and so – first – the victims are dehumanized.  Dehumanization is a process by which people are reduced in the minds of others to being less than human.  After this those who have dehumanized the group, it becomes easier for them to do things to that group which they know are immoral and wrong.  While you may think at first that it is wrong to perform experiments on people like they were lab rats or burn them in ovens, it becomes easier to do such things once you’ve made them not humans.  In fact, while most people reading this may be fine with testing on lab rats – people who own rats as pets may feel completely different about whether a rat should be subjected to such treatment.  By seeing people as less than human, they become less worthy, in their eyes, of humane treatment.

We are not in the murder stage of the Holocaust, but rather in the dehumanization stage.  By treating these asylees as less than human – unworthy of seeking safety and security they are making the American public dehumanize them.  Those incarcerating them by and large have already partially dehumanized them which allows them to justify, to themselves, the abuse they heap on them.  However, such a culture allows them to dehumanize them further.  By engaging in bullying and harassment in groups, by reinforcing that they don’t deserve beds or real blankets, by witnessing worse acts being done by their peers in front of them, the immigrant asylees become less and less human.

Sadly, a common objection to this claim is that it is an insult to Holocaust survivors.


One example of this objection.

The problem is that the first ones to be screaming that we should be looking for the beginnings of a Holocaust were the survivors.  Stephen Jacobs, who knows Trump personally, told Newsweek about how the political climate is like that in Germany shortly before he was born.  Though he doubts Trump has the understanding of fascism to be a fascist, but sees him as enabling fascism by bringing the far right rhetoric into the mainstream.  Back in 2017, the US Holocaust Memorial Museum put out a video of Holocaust survivors warning people to not collaborate or just sit idle, but rather confront fascism head on.  At the same time, Sonia K, a survivor, spoke about how they thought the Holocaust unthinkable in 1930 and how things were similar to today in terms of rhetoric and how frightened she was for her children and grandchildren in the wake of Charlottesville.  Nat Shaffir survived the Holocaust and spoke about how the signs are similar to the 30’s and 40’s in Germany and how we know now what they mean – a luxury they didn’t have back then.  Ben Ferencz, the last surviving prosecutor from the Nuremburg Trials, spoke out against the recent family separation policies of Donald Trump and declared them to be crimes against humanity.

Holocaust survivors don’t appear to be insulted by the insinuation that a new Holocaust is beginning – there doesn’t seem to be a single one saying we need not worry and this is all okay – we only have survivors saying this frightens them and it reminds them of the beginnings of Nazi rule.  They made their rallying cry “never again” and seem to take that cry seriously.  Rather, it seems the insult to them would be to deny outright that there is a serious threat and to brush off such claims because it is telling them that they don’t know what they lived through and never bothered to note or study the causes and climate that gave rise to an event that so profoundly shaped their lives.

So, this leads us to a question of what exactly is so similar between the rise of the Nazis in Germany and America today.  What are the warning signs that these Holocaust survivors have been seeing that most everyone else has been ignoring and playing down?

The Similarities

The first similarity that should be pointed out is the focus on immigration – Germany under the Weimar Republic had significant immigration from Eastern Europe as the immigrants fled persecution and oppression out east.  Complaints came from the rural, protestant areas about these immigrants coming in as well as complaints about cheap agricultural products flooding the market coming from Poland.  These immigrants: Russians and Jews.  As Benjamin Carter Hett writes in his recent book: The Death of Democracy: Hitler’s Rise to Power and the Downfall of the Weimar Republic:

The end of the Great War led to a refugee crisis the likes of which the world had never seen before.  Particularly in eastern Europe, the former Russian Empire, and the Near East, about 9.5 million people were uprooted by violence or famine, or found themselves on the wrong side of a newly drawn border.  Germany’s position at the heart of the European continent inevitably made it a crossroads for refugees.  Between 1918 and 1922, around a million and a half refugees found their way to Germany.  More than one million of them were Germans from former German territories in France and Poland.  Hundreds of thousands were Russians fleeing the Bolshevik Revolution, and about eighty thousand were Jews escaping antisemitic violence farther east.  This refugee crisis was one of the reasons the United States clamped down on immigration between 1921 and 1924, leaving the problem all the more bottled up in Europe.

The instability of borders and the diversity of borderlands often provokes hypernationalism as a response.


Nazi ideology was an answer to every dimension of Germany’s vulnerability to the world.  Some of the Nazis spelled out clearly at the time, and it contributed to their popularity.  Some of it they only hinted at, or they did not explain the full implications of what they planned to do.

Their commitment to withdrawing from the world economy, from trade deals, and from all the financial arrangements that were part of the gold standard, was explicit.  As early as the Twenty-Five Points, the Nazis had been clear that noncitizens, including refugees and all Jews, could not count on remaining in Germany after a Nazi takeover or on having any political or civil rights.  Even before 1933, the Nazis’ paramilitary forces were deploying themselves covertly for defense of the eastern border.  The Nazis left no doubt at all that they would ban the Communist Party and that all Communist activists would be subject to arrest, or worse.

In this broken passage across two pages of the book, we see numerous analogies to America today.  The two major refugee groups – aside from German nationals who clearly were welcomed back into the fold – were the two groups that suffered the most absolute deaths in the Holocaust: Jews and Slavs.  Roma possibly suffered the most deaths in their absolute numbers, but they were already a smaller group where there weren’t enough of them to match even the dead of either of the other two groups. The Latinx/Hispanic immigrants targeted in America today are indeed the equivalent of the Jews in Germany – being a large immigrant group seeking refuge and asylum who not only were targeted as immigrants, but their native born brethren have been targeted as well.

We see in the Nazi paramilitary forces the fact that the various border militias, such as the Minutemen or Three Percent United Patriots, inherited their role.  In fact, in a Mother Jones article, Shane Bauer recounts a leader of the latter group making a Holocaust joke about Jews and Slavs looking the same: as ashes, and his men nonchalantly referring to him as a Nazi – something they were fine with but not necessarily something they considered themselves to be.

Hell – reading the book which doesn’t address Donald Trump, you may conclude the biggest difference between him and Hitler as they gain power is that Hitler reportedly could carry his normally irrational self as a rational and dignified actor in front of foreign diplomats whereas Donald Trump threw Starburst at Angela Merkel.  From the incessant lies with nods to supporters to what was planned, to side-stepping courts and opposing rights of protest and journalistic independence, to smashing political agreements and constantly switching from something being central to the Nazi program to suddenly abandoning it without comment – it would be quite the effort in willful ignorance to read the book and not see Trump and America today echoed in its pages.

Whereas Antifaschistische Aktion was formed by the Communist Party and fought against the Nazis in the streets, the American loose-knit group of socialists, communists, and anarchists Antifascist Action, or Antifa fights Nazis in the streets today.  As these activists were confronted by the Nazi authorities and thrown into concentration camps, we have the police protecting and assisting the Nazis instead of their victims across the nation and even the introduction of an “Unmasking Antifa” law (not voted upon) which seeks to carefully tailor a law to be theoretically, technically neutral, but looks to protect Nazis and punish Antifa activists with 15 years in prison.  It has been Nazis, not Antifa, calling to actually kill people they detest, as we can see from Proud Boys founder, Gavin McInnes, declaring just that.  Meanwhile, Tennessee passed on a bill recognizing Nazis and other white supremacists as being terrorists despite right wing and white supremacist terrorism being not only more prevalent than any other kind in America, but more deadly as well.

Not only have we seen Trump’s proponents doing the Nazi salute in tribute to him, as a Houston-area high school had happen with mixed declarations of “Heil Hitler” and “Heil Trump,” but we had events like Laura Ingraham nodding to the Nazi heritage of a then-potential Trump presidency with a short Nazi salute at the Republican National Convention. In the video you can see her give a clear Nazi salute then, after a short pause, awkwardly transition it into a perhaps 160 degree wave, excited to have done it.  Of course, it has plausible deniability – she claims that she was just setting up the wave even though anyone else feeling they had to put such intent into a wave would have done it much smoother and likely more practiced than she is claiming she did.  It is Hitleresque to tell supporters something coded like that while denying it fervently when called on it.’

We also have the event that Death of Democracy builds up to: the Reichstag fire, hinted at by Trump.  Marinus van der Lubbe, a former member of the Communist Party in the Netherlands, was found in the Reichstag – the equivalent of the US Congress building in the Weimar Republic – and maintained that he, alone, had set the flames in the building.  He maintained this through trials and torture and up to his execution despite not being found with means to successfully burn oak and his story including him running through the main chamber with a burning cloth and the oak spontaneously bursting into flame as he ran by.  The Nazis had another entrance and certainly started the actual fire while it seems van der Lubbe was likely playing along even to his death under threats to his family or something along those lines.  Given everything else surrounding Trump, it should be to great horror that we hear him suggest on the day of his State of the Union speech that he “hopes” he can unite the nation without [resorting] to a major tragedy.  So beware a sudden “terrorist” event that either immediately or eventually is tied to Antifa activists – that will be Trump’s Reichstag fire.

After the fire, that is when the Nazis deputized their followers and gave police wide authority to crack down on all dissidents and the shambles of democracy left in Germany fell with the Weimar Republic.  Indeed, Trump is already trying to use his power to identify his detractors – specifically trying to identify 6,000 individuals who liked an Anti-Trump Facebook page.

Another great worry, and one more tied directly to the Holocaust, was the recent executive orders weakening the job security of the civil service.  They were initially shut down by Judge Ketanji Jackson Brown, but are being appealed up further with the expectation that Brett Kavanaugh will be the key to having them legitimized by the Supreme Court.  I wrote about these orders earlier, fearing they represent the deconstruction of the civil service its replacement with a system of patronage where federal employees are no longer loyal to the Constitution, but rather to the President directly.  It echoes the Law for the Restoration of the Professional Civil Service passed by the Nazis on April 7, 1933 which banned political opponents of the Nazis from being civil servants, along with Jews, and banned non-Aryan lawyers from practicing law.  Remember, civil servants also had to swear personal loyalty to Hitler.

With these executive orders in place, Trump would be able to coerce employees to simply do as ordered without regard for constitutionality or lawfulness of the actions they were ordered to carry out.  This easily can mean ICE officers executing inhabitants of concentration camps.

I also laid out an overview of political ideology and showed which apply to major modern actors.  While I concluded Trump was not bright enough to actually have a Nazi ideology himself, his administration was undeniably Nazi with generic fascism surrounding that.

Who Will Be the Victims?

Naturally, the clearest victims will be the Latinx/Hispanic citizens who have been so heavily targeted by Trump from campaign to concentration camps.  Looking to deport members of the group native to the United States, they are the easy target that will be most publicly and perhaps most brutally victimized.

Though they may be of any racial background, they are most notably known for having American Indian ancestry, and the indigenous population of the Americas seem to be another likely target for Trump.  He has referred to the replacement of American Indian populations in the US with European settlers as having “tamed a continent” and while this was done through plague, war, and outright genocide, he claims “we are not going to apologize” for that genocide.    He has denied them who they are, continued to take their lands, and insisted they should be treated as a race rather than sovereign nations.  It is likely he will carry on the genocidal policies of his favorite predecessor: Andrew Jackson, and seek their inclusion.

In America with our long history of antagonism toward former slaves with a rich history of racial lynching, decrying them as super predators, and of course the shamefully proud tradition of the Ku Klux Klan – whom are firm Trump supporters – it only stands to reason that black folk will be obviously part of the victims.  We have a huge issue with the murder of black individuals by police as it is (along with American Indians and Latinx/Hispanic folk) and Donald Trump’s reaction to it was to support less scrutiny and greater power for police while making a national scene of Colin Kaepernick taking a knee during the national anthem and framing it as disrespect for the flag and our veterans even though it was a veteran who suggested he take a knee in the first place.

LGBTQIA individuals have much to fear from Trump as once in power he has gone from standing out by having Caitlyn Jenner use a Trump Tower women’s room to being outright nasty to LGBTQIA folk.  His Department of Education will not handle transgender discrimination and his administration came out strongly in violation of precedent, including court rulings, to say that businesses may fire people simply for being homosexual.  Of course, the community was also among the victims of Germany’s Holocaust, forced to wear purple triangles prior, and so this is to be expected of a Nazi regime.  Trump, himself, probably cares little about the issue, but political expediency will ensure our internment.

Muslims were an early target in the Trump Administration with his Muslim ban that was repeatedly shut down by courts.  In addition to his attempt to keep refugees from coming to our shores and terrorizing Muslims, he also ordered the FBI to turn all its attention from the white supremacists that make up the majority of terrorist attacks and a large part of his base toward Muslims.  Given the beating of Sikhs after September 11, 2001, it is fair to suspect that this target may be applied sloppily toward all Arabic people and toward some Indian people as well.

In essence, just about any oppressed minority in America may find itself victims of the coming American Holocaust.  Non-oppressed minorities like the bourgeoisie that drives both major parties are not in danger, but the ones that may help build a coalition within the Republican Party to help them accept this Holocaust even if they aren’t fully aware of it are in danger.

Left wing political opponents, those to the left of Bernie and who could be seen to be part of Antifa – the same ones that were placed into concentration camps under Nazi rule in Germany years before the other victims, will likely find themselves as victims as well as they identify themselves.  Socialists, communists, and anarchists – actual anarchists, not Randist anarchocapitalists – will likely be early casualties.

There are some groups that will likely see a different treatment in this Holocaust than the last – and they are the two that suffered the largest casualties in Germany.  Trump’s administration is appealing to Christian identity to no end and they are currently considering a petition by Miracle Hill in South Carolina to allow the agency to refuse to place children to be adopted by Jewish people specifically and non-Protestants generally.  It will be interesting to see where Trump goes with this as while he is catering to religious bigots’ every desire, he also has a daughter and son-in-law who are Jewish and is also looking to fulfill every desire of the Nazi Likud regime in Israel.  Complicating it further is the fact that evangelical Christians are the ones pushing Trump the most to be friendly with Likud.

While fortunes may change if the Holocaust is carried out by someone in charge other than Trump, Jewish people will most likely not be marked for extermination, but rather for deportation.  The white supremacist followers who very much hate Jews will likely be mollified by the United States being devoid of Jewish people and the ultra-Zionist Likud has long wanted all Jewish people to immigrate to Israel and would be eager to see the transfer even if it weren’t being forced by the United States.

Slavs also will be unlikely to find themselves victims, if not a part of one of the other groups.  Trump has has three wives and two of them were Slavic.  His children are Slavic.  He made his money after declaring bankruptcy laundering money for Russian oligarchs to hide it from Putin’s government – yeah, he was friends with the Russian mob, not the Russian government.  While there are certainly Nazis in America who hate Slavs, Trump is unlikely to strike out while he is in power.  Much of the driving power behind Hitler murdering Slavs probably also had to do with Poland being an agricultural competitor on their border – Hitler wanted to clear out the Poles to occupy their agricultural land.  The initial plan was for Poles to be slaves to Germans and the organized extermination wouldn’t happen until the mid 1950s.  We have no border with Slavic countries for that to be an incentive for America and the most common anti-Slavic racism has come from Democrats since 2016.

The Major Parties in this Context

Today, in America, we have two major political parties – the Weimar Republic had nine.  The coalition that put Hitler in power was the work of Franz von Papen of the Center Party who desperately wanted a solid right wing coalition to rule Germany without input from the left.  He wanted to prevent the largest party, the Social Democratic Party – which would be left of Bernie today despite toning down things as a result of trying to rule – from being part of the coalition.  So the coalition was formed from the five most rightwing parties and Hitler, the leader of the most right wing of the parties, would not agree to the coalition unless he was Chancellor – but President von Hindenburg would not hear of Hitler – who technically wasn’t born in Germany and whom was a commoner he derided as “the Bohemian private” – being Chancellor until 1933 and then he quickly grew to love Hitler.  The thought of making Hitler Chancellor was accepted under the thought that – like the Social Democrats – the Nazis would tone down when they had to actually rule.

The Republican Party can be seen as a conjunction of the National Socialist German Worker’s Party (or Nazis) and the German National People’s Party ideologically.  The former was the reactionary party of the aristocrats, the army, and a portion of big business while the Nazis found their base in poor, rural Protestants.  The non-Nazi wing of the Republican Party seems to be thinking in a similar manner to von Papen, seeking to tame the Nazi wing by making them have to compromise and getting some of what they want out of it.

The Democratic Party can mainly be seen as a conjunction of the other three parties in Hitler’s coalition: the German People’s Party that represented big business and banks, the Bavarian People’s Party, and the Center Party – the latter two were centrist and mainly were there to represent Catholic interests.  Your establishment Democrat is more of the German People’s Party with a few relatively left leaning Democrats falling into the other two.  In addition, Berniecrats would be seen as members of the State Party which was the party of intellectuals and small business, or perhaps even the Social Democratic Party that represented union workers – neither of those two parties were in the coalition that brought Hitler to power.

Nazis are not tamed by being brought to power – they refuse to follow democratic protocol and instead seize power they don’t have.  Anyone who casts a vote for a Republican or otherwise helps them is no other than a Nazi collaborator – it is voting for the Nazis.

As for the Democrats – no meaningful alternative has been built in the past two years and it can be said that it may be acceptable to vote for them in this election if you are so inclined – it is trying to oust Nazis.  Myself, I will not, but it is understandable to do so now.  However, it is not alright to assume they will make any great changes even if Trump and Pence are impeached and a new Democratic Speaker of the House is turned into a Democratic president.  Democratic politicians are not Nazis, but they are Nazi collaborators every bit as much as a Republican voter.  They  proclaimed themselves the Resistance™ to Trump and yet played along with him and instead of decrying his actions to rob the majority of Americans and give gratuitous tax cuts to the rich and corporations – at least part of which they had planned themselves – or with his authoritarian, totalitarian, and outright supremacist actions they legitimized these actions and turned our attention instead toward some made up story about Russia being behind Trump and being the real villain.

They were complicit.

They could have offered any number of concessions to those to the left of the establishment, but they held their ground and instead relied upon Trump as a threat.  They could easily secure the votes to stop Trump by offering meaningful change, but refused to give a thing to stop him.  In fact, Hillary Clinton was responsible for Trump in the first place – she used him as leverage to extort our votes to support a government much further right wing than we wanted.  They will not make the threat of Trump or those like him go away, rather they see him as a useful tool to enforce their own tyranny upon the United States.  They don’t fear Nazis for Nazis do not threaten their interests.  Rather they fear those to their left who threaten the interests of big business, of the banks, of the idle rich, of the bourgeoisie.  That is why they said to ignore the Nazis when they marched then derided those dutiful and courageous enough to hold them at bay as Alt-Left so as to equate them to the Nazis.  Even with their Russia rhetoric they used it not so much to malign the Republicans as much as to malign Jill Stein and even Bernie Sanders as being Russian pawns.

Even now, there is absolutely no excuse for them to not run their 2018 campaign on pointing out the Holocaust – they don’t want attention on the horrors.  Rather, it isn’t mentioned – they run on their usual meaningless, empty words with a comment about Russia here or there.

Whether you decide to vote for good or vote to stop Nazis, work must begin immediately after on a meaningful opposition to the Democrats.  Organizing a political party to their left and independent of them, built on the promise of fully replacing the Constitution with one that offers proportional representation, ranked voting and equal ballot access.  It is that or gathering and threatening to burn the whole system down if we are not granted free and fair elections where we can vote our conscience, not our fears – for the current system is not legitimate.  To defeat the Nazis truly, we have to take power from those who would brandish them as a threat.  There is no reform of the system, there is only revolutionary replacement of the system which can start from within or without, but it must replace it altogether.

Featured Image via The National WWII Museum New Orleans – fair use and possible public domain

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