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Who Was at Charlottesville Opposing Nazis? An Interview with Brandon Collins

You were at Charlottesville 2 weeks ago. What was your role in the counterprotest? I had dual roles. ONe was in my capacity with the Public Housing Association of Residents, the other as just me. For work I spent time advocating for greater safety measures to be taken, educating residents, speaking for our organization, and eventually setting up security teams

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Automation Doesn’t Have to Be a Problem: But It Requires Societal Change

An anxiety has been festering amongst the working class since at least the 1980s: robots are going to take our jobs.  Automation has posed competition, especially for blue collar workers, for decades as their jobs could potentially be replaced by automatons whose name: robots, literally comes from the Slavanic word for slave.  If their employers replaced them with robots, they

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Why Even Nazis Get Free Speech and Why the ACLU and Glenn Greenwald Were in the Right

They are not prepared for civil political discourse; rather they are prepared for violence and intimidation. They came armed with melee weapons and shields, apparently 80% of them with semi-automatic rifles, and they at least used the first half of that in violence in an organized and premeditated manner. This was not far from their standard organization. Initiation rites often include a beating by current members to prepare them for conflict – by contrast, the initiation rites I saw in the Socialist Party USA tended to be the member stating they read and agreed to the statement of principles and then the membership voted to waive dues for economic hardship.

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Self Erasure in the Trans Community

Yet, there are members of the trans community, particularly on the true left, who have been intellectually poisoned with radical feminism; a philosophy which is neither radical nor feminist. Radical feminism goes beyond stating that men and women are equals and seeks to make them equivalent through means which, to an outsider, certainly resembles worship of the masculine. Femininity is described as weakness: subservience, passivity, and the dress and grooming only making them easier to subdue. To resolve this, they seek to masculinize women, because masculinity is strength. It is like a religion where the goal isn’t eternal life in paradise or reincarnating to a better life, but a lifelong quest to obtain manhood.

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Revealed: Seth Rich Leaked DNC Leaks to Guccifer 2.0

On July 10, 2016, Seth Rich, a DNC staffer, was suddenly murdered a block away from his home in Washington, DC at 4:19 AM. There were signs of a struggle and two gunshots in his back were reported as the official cause of his death. Police suggested that it may have been an attempted robbery, as the neighborhood had been recently plagued by such armed robberies. Yet, anything he had of value: his wallet, cell phone, watch, credit cards were all still on his body as Newsweek reported.

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